The Re-Classification of Employment Pass (EP) categories effective 1 Sep 2017.

  • A higher category for Employment Pass (classified as EP Category I) will be introduced where the minimum salary required is MYR10,000 (approx. USD1,160) and the approved period will be up to 5 years at any one time.
  • The original EP Category I will just be re-classified as Category II (min. salary of MYR5,000 and approved period of 2 years). No changes to requirement just a re-classification.
  • The monthly minimum salary of MYR2,500 (approx. USD600) for Category III will now be increased to MYR3,000 (approx. USD700) with no change to duration approved.

Summary of Changes

The cells in blue reflects the new requirements that will take into effect starting 1 Sep 2017.

Employment Pass Type


Category I

Category II

Category III



Minimum Salary (MYR)

Employment Contract Accompanying Dependants
Current New Current New Current New
5,000 10,000 2 years Up to 5 years Allowed Allowed
5,000 5,000 Below 2 years Up to 2 years Allowed Allowed
2,500 3,000 Below 12 months

(max. 2x renewal)

Below 12 months (max. 2x renewal) Not Allowed Not Allowed

All approving Authorities like MIDA, MDEC, ESD etc are scheduled to adopt these new requirements.

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