“Immigration management can get pretty complicated at times or just straight up frustrating! Rest assured, we at TCL got it covered.”

Best Practices

  • Clearly defined processes on working with clients and meeting their specific needs
  • Consistent and regular communication flow to clients and its assignees throughout the course of the process
  • Concise understanding of prevailing regulations and procedures at the relevant Immigration Authorities to ensure the client and its assignee are kept compliant at all times
  • Broad coverage of different industries and types of organizations which allows customization in the processes to meet business needs for you and your client(s) / vendor(s)
  • Maintenance of a good working relationship with the Authorities as a lot of face-time is required during submission and follow-up of the application until outcome is obtained. This also enables us to get quick real-time alerts or changes in any processes or procedures at the Immigration office itself.
  • Regular staff training, development and buddy systems to ensure service continuity and minimization of downtime in service delivery to clients and its assignees.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


Gather necessary information and documents to assess the company structure, role of expatriate & background of expatriate to determine eligibility and identify the most compliant route.


Provide accurate and the most up-to-date yet customized checklist with relevant guidelines, templates and samples for the preparation of all documentations required for the application.


Prepare the complete application package for submission to all relevant authorities in a timely manner, monitor the progress and advise on any additional requirements.


Review outcome of application by the authorities and advise on next steps including home country exit requirements, entry and post entry procedures to ensure seamless completion of application.


Ensure all the relevant visa expiries are triggered with sufficient lead time and that all periodical applications/updates to the authorities are duly complied with.