Immigration applications no longer processed at the Immigration Unit in MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority)


What’s new?

  • From a Memo issued by the Immigration Headquarters on 3 Dec 2018, effective 5 Dec 2018, all new and renewal Employment Pass (EP) and Dependant Pass (DP) applications can no longer be submitted at the Immigration Unit in MIDA.
  • Companies will now have submit via the online Expatriate Services Division (ESD) portal.
  • Previously, the process was that all companies who have pre-approved key and term positions under MIDA are to submit their EP and DP applications manually at the Immigration Unit in MIDA.
  • Any ongoing EP and DP cases (whether new or renewal) that have been submitted before 5 Dec 2018 will continue to be processed manually and the subsequent endorsements can be completed at MIDA.
  • DP applications and any other related immigration applications like EP transfer, cancellation etc of EP holders who are already approved or in process before 5 Dec 2018 can also still be submitted manually at MIDA.
  • Any new or renewal EP and subsequent DP applications after 5 Dec 2018 must be submitted via ESD.

What’s the impact?

  • Companies who have been submitting all applications at the Immigration Unit in MIDA must now apply for the ESD registration (if not previously done so) in order to be able to continue to apply for EP and DP applications.
  • The ESD application process can take anywhere between 1 – 2 months and as such, it is advisable to begin the ESD process urgently.

* Update as at Feb 2019 – MIDA and the Immigration Unit in MIDA continues to process immigration applications.

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