Enforcement of Authorized Personnel for Immigration Applications

What’s happening?

  • Effective 12 November 2018, MYXpats (via the ESD portal) will strictly enforce thatonly

personnel named in the Company’s Letter of Undertaking (LOU) will be allowed to handle immigration applications. This has been in effect all along but was never strictly enforced until now.

  • The LOU is essentially a document that states the names of the following authorized personnel–
    • Endorser – the person signing all application paperwork and receiving notifications from MYXpats
    • Login User – the person receiving notifications fromMyXpats
    • Submission Officers – the persons submitting applications, endorsements, passports and collection ofpassports

What’s the impact and what to do next?

  • Companies should review the names currently indicated in their latest LOU to ensure those individuals are the correct parties that are able to handle all immigration applications. Any changes to the individuals must be done immediately at MYXpats.
  • This is extremely crucial to avoid delays or even situations where the applications cannot even be submitted. For eg–
    • If the current Submission Officer is Party A but Party B is listed in the LOU, the application cannot be submitted and/or passports cannot be submitted or collected. The only exception is that an employee of the Company (Malaysian only) can manage the endorsement, submission and collection provided that said employee shows proof of employment i.e. EPF
    • If the Endorser / Signatory is Individual X but he/she has already resigned from the Company, a new authorized signatory must quickly be identified and updated in the LOU.

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