Process for Newborns of Employment Pass (EP) holders


What’s new?

Apart from applying for the Dependant Pass (DP) of newborns to EP holders in Malaysia, effective immediately, it is now a requirement that a Special Pass (SP) must also be applied for whilst awaiting the process and outcome of the DP.

  • For newborns between 1 – 6 months old, the SP will be issued by the Immigration Cyberjaya in MDEC.
  • For newborns 7 months old and onwards, the SP will be issued by the Enforcement Unit of Immigration Putrajaya

For DP applications that have already been approved priorto 9 Aug 2019 of announcement from the eXpats Service Centre, MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), the following additional documents are required during the endorsement process –

  1. Cover letter for Special Pass
  2. Special Pass declaration form
  3. Format A
  4. A bank draft payable to Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia amounting RM100

What’s the impact?

  • Companies should ensure that all DP and SP applications are submitted within the first 6 months of the newborn’s birth to avoid any possible challenges that may occur from obtaining the SP at the Enforcement Unit of the Immigration HQ.

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